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    The Jook's on You

    Win the Thanksgiving leftovers game with creamy, rich Chinese turkey porridge

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    Swiss Hits

    Our guide to the best eats and drinks in Zurich and Lucerne

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    The Stwaffle

    Make a savory waffle out of your leftover stuffing

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    Vive la Breakfast

    Chefs at Holybelly, Ellsworth and more are changing the way Paris starts its day

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Test Kitchen Approved

  • Hoisin BBQ Turkey Sandwich

    Banh mi master Num Pang spices up Thanksgiving leftovers

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  • Turkey Jook (Rice Porridge)

    A rich, warm way to use those Thanksgiving leftovers, courtesy of Brandon Jew

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  • Cinnamon Rolls

    Homemade fluffy, gooey and glazed cinnamon rolls

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  • Winter Spice Punch

    Make this blend of pear cider and sherry your new holiday tradition

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  • Chorizo Chilaquiles

    These chile sauce-soaked tortilla chips are what's for breakfast

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